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amy brox

Written By: Amy Haley-Brox

In a time when we are all wearing masks, the eyes have become the true focal point of the face, and the brows are center stage under the spotlight.

So why are we obsessed with brows?  It’s because brows can change your entire look; they truly are the frame of the face.  For example, if we have to run out to do an errand and don’t have time for a full face of make-up, we at least have to ‘put our brows on,’ right?

Having our brows on instantly makes us feel put together in some way. That little bit of effort makes such a difference in the way we feel about our appearance.  

The interesting thing about obtaining the perfect brows is that brow styles change with each decade.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane. 

We all had that super-thin, over-tweezed 90’s brow– and we are totally regretting now because the fuller, filled in ‘fluffy brows’ are the new trend.  Well, say thank you to Millennials because they have embraced brows, and with that, there has been a resurgence of the quest for perfect brows.  

Brow looks are trending on every social media platform so the first step in your perfect brow journey is to seek out a professional and licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist, permanent makeup artist, or Wax Technician. 

It’s important to know what types of brow services are provided by professionals. 

The first type is hair removal and shaping techniques.  They are in the form of waxing, tweezing, razor shaping, scissor trimming, and even threading.  A brow professional could use one or all of these techniques during your visit.

Waxing is the most popular option because it quickly removes a lot of hair at one time, but choosing the right wax is essential to ensure the client has as little pain as possible.  The brow area is very delicate, so choosing the proper hair removal for your needs can be tricky.  

What can I expect at a brow appointment, you ask? 

A true basic brow-shaping visit will include a hair removal technique, trimming, shaping, and even a powder fill to finish your look. Of course, you can stop at hair removal and shaping, but to ‘Level Up,’ your brows will need to be colored or filled in. 

Brow color can create the ideal shape and add a fuller appearance to your brows.  The ways to achieve this filled-in look are with color and henna tinting, Microblading, or using make-up. 

Color tinting can be done with a semi-permanent dye that tints the hair for up to 4 weeks and has a more translucent look for filling.   For a more dramatic fill, henna tinting is suggested. 

The henna tint is a natural dye and is perfect for more sensitive clients. It stains the skin and tints the brow hairs for a more sculpted brow look.  Henna lasts up to two weeks on the skin and up to six weeks on the hair and will fade naturally.  A new, more permanent way to fill brows is with Microblading. 

Microblading is all the buzz, but this is kind of permanent. This technique cuts into the skin with a blade or needles to apply tiny strokes that look like brow hairs, and then a pigment color is applied to the strokes. This process can last up to 18 months, and it can be very painful, along with varied complications. 

Lastly, you can use make-up to fill and color brows.  This is the most popular way but can also be the most stressful if you don’t have a talent for it.  You can use a brow pencil, colored powder, or even a pomade to shape and fill, but it only lasts until you wash it off. 

To learn how to perfect this technique, book an appointment with a make-up artist and get a quick lesson on the products and tools to use.

So what are you waiting for? Find a professional near you and achieve perfect brows today! 

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