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tory johnson

Tory Johnson Deals & Steals

Who doesn’t love a great deal, right? Especially during the holidays when we often spend more than we have or should. No need to panic; we’ve got the woman who is helping us take the stress out of the holidays when it comes to shopping! Tory Johnson created “Deals & Steals,” the popular weekly shopping segment on ABC’s Good Morning America, and she has helped shoppers save over one billion dollars in the last ten years! She also curates weekly segments for daytime’s popular gabfest The View and monthly bargains for LIVE! Kelly & Ryan. Tory is so obsessed with online shopping that she launched, a marketplace site named for the average number of packages she receives daily, given her line of work. 

Tory has always loved being a service to others, and she’s been able to catch the hearts of so many by being above board in all aspects of her life, both personally and professionally. In her best-selling book The Shift, Tory shares her personal discovery of a happier life through the grueling details of overcoming hard times. Tory has always had good intentions, which oftentimes led to putting others first: “I’ve always been much more comfortable serving others than I am at taking care of myself. I don’t say that proudly, as I’ve learned that self-care is essential.” Tory reveals how she learned to not let others’ needs interfere with her own wellness. After a life-long struggle with weight, Tory lost over 60 pounds in a year and, to this day, has kept the majority of it off. She recalls how her weight battle intensified when her mom became ill: “When my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, we relocated her from Miami Beach to live with my family in our New York City apartment. Unfortunately, the move was right when the pandemic hit and the whole city began shutting down. I worried about everything–work, COVID, caretaking, and the unimaginable: facing life without my mom. The stress of caring for her–weekly doctor visits and several intense hospital stays that were worsened by strict COVID protocols—led me back to that too- familiar, mindless, emotional eating. While I recognized what I was doing, nothing seemed to get me to revert myself 100% back to the healthy habits I had worked so hard to form—no amount of meditation, exercise, positive self-talk, or tight clothing. As I am still slowly working to recover from my slip, I don’t allow  my imperfection to hold me back or derail my happiness. That alone is progress.”

We couldn’t agree more, Tory. And while Tory enjoys making an impact on others by sharing her relatable personal stories and shopping strategies, Tory is also particularly passionate about supporting small businesses. “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, the heart of our communities, the first people to donate to school auctions, the ones who hustle to keep storefronts open to maintain vibrancy in our neighborhoods. The COVID crisis dealt a blow to countless small businesses that credit my ’GMA: Deals & Steals’ segments with providing a much-needed lifeline over the last three years. When their retail pipelines were crushed by store closures, canceled purchase orders, return requests, and extended payment terms, product makers began scrambling for fresh ways to sell goods. My segments offered a singular opportunity to reach millions of viewers, move thousands of units, generate immediate cash, and acquire new customers — all in one day.  The media often gets a bad rap, but this is an extraordinary example of using a national platform for good. I’m honored to have been given the privilege of airtime on GMA, and I’m immensely proud of the impact of our ’Deals & Steals’ series.” 

 As Tory heads into the holidays, she shares that the holiday season is her Superbowl! “It’s the chance to play Personal Shopper for millions of TV viewers who look to me to help stretch their dollars for their holiday gifting. I never tire of hearing the excitement from our shoppers who gift products they purchased by watching my segments!” 

Personally, Tory says that she cherishes time away with family. “Every year, we plan a fun trip to make new memories. Whether it’s far from home like Japan or a couple of weeks in Miami, nothing beats being surrounded by the people I love most.” 

Tory lives in New York City with her husband Peter and their twins. Jake is a third-year veterinary student at Tufts University, and Emma works in tech e-commerce.

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