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Aloha Friends,

I am so grateful to be contributing to Ask Us Beauty. It’s a gift to share our secrets for each other and I hope that by sharing some insight into my life, my coaching business and coaching tips, you will be inspired to conquer anything you put your mind too. 

I want to focus this moment on your belief system and saying “yes” to committing to yourself.

It’s about understanding what these two philosophies mean and how to start to embody them. Getting real with yourself and recognizing where you are in your life right now is the hardest part.

What that means is you are listening, and you desire to take some steps forward to making a shift in your life.

You are on the cusp of “learning a new dance” and are realizing the need for a redo or a reset, a reboot. Being ready takes courage, commitment and communication.

You have to want to do the work.  

My first suggestion is to really think about one thing in your life that you really want to immediately change. 

You may have more than one. In fact, I know you have more than one. If you are not sure yet, let’s get specific. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write a list of things that you honestly want to shift in your life. Really take the time to write down at least 5 things. 

Once you have done that, let’s prioritize.

Rewrite them in order of importance. Take a deep breath.

Start to write down why you have this habit or issue. Be as truthful as you can with yourself. The more you write, the easier it is to start the shift. It’s okay if this takes you a few hours or a few days. Sometimes you have to get up and walk around to really discover the details.

Once you have your list, ask yourself,

“How can I shift my old habit? What is one thing I can do to stop myself from making the same choices?”

Work with this during the next few weeks.

What you will start to discover is your new belief system- the way you want to live today and moving forward. It could seem easy in the beginning and then get hard again. That’s normal. Stay with it. This will get you on the right track if you keep the commitment to yourself.

Just remember, say “Yes” to a better you!

Ari Zucker

Positivity Advocate Coach

You can find Ari at:

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