Baring It All with Barabra Majeski


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Barabra Majeski

Written By: Michelle Emmick

Barbara Majeski has been up in the club, performed at the club, and earned top billing at the club. Oh, and she’s baring it all!

At 48, she’s found success as a Lifestyle and Entertainment Expert, a podcaster, and she is taking over the social networking app Clubhouse, a drop-in audio app where you can jump into conversations and connect with people that you would likely never have access to.

“What’s great is that you can wander into a room and hear well-known voices and spaces. It’s such an interesting platform because it’s not one-on-one; it’s a podcast where you can be an engaged participant or just be a listener.”

Barbara shares that what she loves most about Clubhouse is that it’s three-dimensional.

“On Instagram, you see me. On television, you see and hear me. On Clubhouse, you get to KNOW me. It’s a great give and take. People get to know me, and I get to know them. Clubhouse has allowed me to open up and be transparent. I share my story, and I can help others in their self-development and personal growth.”  

Barbara’s journey has been about baring it all, and she believes transparency and authenticity have given her a superpower. This jersey girl tags the line ‘grit behind the glamour’ because she’s lived it.

“I put myself through college, waited tables, been a door-to-door salesgirl in my ‘20s, and helped scale sales teams across the United States.”

Barbara Majeski is self-made, and that’s only the first few chapters. 

The next few chapters for this mother of three saw her life turned upside down in an instant. The interesting part in the story is that those flips eventually got her to her center.  

For many years, Barbara was living a life on the outside that, to others, looked perfect.

“I put so much into being a wife, mother, part of the community. I showed up and gave my best. I was such a contortionist in my marriage. I worked for 13 years to make him and others happy because I wanted to be accepted and loved. When the marriage broke, it was a feeling of being discarded.”

If that wasn’t enough for someone to handle, during this same time, Barbara was diagnosed with cancer. 

Barbara shares, however, that what started as a complete breakdown actually became her breakthrough.

“I lived my life in self-doubt and issues with self-esteem. I never felt good enough and was always a people-pleaser. I was so broken, and on top of that, had to face mortality.” 

Barbara shared a personal story in which she had a random encounter with a stranger one night that opened her eyes to see herself for what she really was, a beautiful badass.   

“This encounter got my dial moving, and I started to take stock of who I was. I worked on myself, and I also beat cancer. Life is short, and I was ready to live my best life. I knew that coming through the other side, I had a voice, and I would use my voice to help inspire others to live with purpose.” 

To take that leap and move on to the next chapter, Barbara had to amplify her profile. She immediately hired a media trainer, made her first stop at the Today show, and from there, a star was born! 

Today Barbara is continuing to use her strong voice to help others. She is writing her book and does public speaking.

When conducting her Masterclasses, she always starts by saying, “The conversation you have with yourself is the most important conversation you will have every day, but if you’re not in control of that narrative, you’re going to continue to struggle out of control. Take stock, find what’s not serving you, and replace new talk or even a new story.” 

Barbara continues to bare it all in the club, with several others to see where their relations can evolve.

“I’ve found this amazing platform where I can dive into real conversations, and I’m going to continue my mission of sharing my story to help others with theirs.”   

You can find Barabra at:

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