Christie Brinkley: The Beauty of Happiness


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Christie Brinkley Ask Us Beauty Magazine Cover

The Beauty of Happiness

Written By: Michelle Emmick

Inside every issue, we ask people what their definition of beauty is. There is no right or wrong answer because we believe individuals can and should define beauty on their own terms. Once in a while, we hear beauty defined so movingly that it makes us stop and pause, wanting to read it again because the words ring true and real. In this instance, those words came from the icon of beauty herself, Christie Brinkley. Christie shared her sentiments inside the pages of her New York Times bestselling book, Timeless Beauty, a book that still provides classic tips and takeaways, even years after its release. Of course, it does- classic, just like Christie.  

Christie’s definition of beauty is this: “That special something that makes a person’s eyes sparkle with humor, that makes a smile genuine and kind. It’s something in a warm hearty laugh that lights up a room. It’s an open hand and heart, lending support to those in need. Full-spectrum beauty that comes from someone’s soul. People have searched the world over to find the fountain of youth, but guess what–it’s right inside each and every one of us, in our own heart and soul! That is the fountain of youth because that’s the part of beauty that will never fade. That’s the beauty you want to cultivate.”    

And cultivate she does, by living her life rooted in happiness. Part of that happiness stems from a strong sense of self-belief. “Years ago, when I started in the modeling profession, I was very insecure. I never felt like I had model looks or was the model weight. I looked different than what was considered ‘model type.’ Ironically, it was those exact attributes that helped me attain the success I did. It took time to gain confidence, and over time, and all the things I experienced, it put life into perspective for me.”

Christie shared that those learning years, combined with being a mother, were the genesis in finding her courage and learning to speak up for what she believes in for herself and others. Christie is a hard-working activist and a passionate humanitarian, using her celebrity for good causes.

“When you become confident in what’s important to you, you become grateful. I wake up in a good mood, and I start the day by always counting my blessings–for my health and family. I believe the key to happiness is practicing an attitude of gratitude. And that happiness, that’s what keeps you youthful!”   

That mindset has positively impacted Christie’s life and has rippling effects on all who meet her. Because what makes her beauty stand out above all else lies in her own definition–someone who is genuine and kind, with a sparkle in her eyes and a laugh and smile that can light up a room, but, most of all, someone with an open hand and heart.  

After an astounding almost five-decade career, what makes this one-of-a-kind beauty so magical is that she is still surprised by the impactful role she plays as a champion for women by creating and preserving beauty. Christie shared that she looks to the women ahead of her who faced the aging process with a certain kind of grace.

“I think, for me, seeing smart, beautiful women like Lynn Redgrave, Candace Bergen, and Jane Fonda was my guiding inspiration. It’s important–representation–and if I can inspire others, I am honored. I want every woman to know it’s up to you how you are going to age. Let’s face it; a good hair day is a good hair day. And when you feel good, you’re glowing! Do things for yourself. Practicing mindfulness and trying to fuel your body with that good energy, good nutrition- that is magic.”

Christie has been vocal about her healthy lifestyle and her reliance on following the rainbow diet, a menu filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. “I believe we can influence our bodies by feeding our body colors,” she told us. Christie also shared that one of the worst things we can do to our bodies is drink sugar. As a part of her happiness mission, Christie took on the challenge of finding something amazing to drink, producing Bellissima Prosecco & Sparkling Wines.

“I love this brand so much! Zero sugar, all organic, all vegan. We started with three Proseccos and expanded with two more. And now I am very excited to announce that we are currently launching five new still wines, and like all our wines, they are made with 100% certified organic grapes certified vegan, and all five are zero sugar and delicious!  I am especially thrilled with my first two red wines, a cabernet sauvignon and merlot. They are so good, and I can’t stress enough to everyone that it’s OK to enjoy a glass of wine.”

In addition to healthy eating, Christie says a key to staying vibrant is staying active. One of the many ways she’s stayed active is by staying in shape. Christie has been a long-term spokesperson for The Total Gym. “Years ago, they approached me, and I needed to try it for myself. I thought it was great. It worked every part of the body, it was a great price, and it was a fun way to exercise. You can focus on the mind-body connection or workout while watching TV. I believed in the product and believed it could help others. Now, here we are more than 25 years later, and it’s still a bestselling total body equipment!”  

America’s most successful, recognized, and down-to-earth model has made it her mission to help others feel beautiful. “I want people to know they have options. Everyone’s situation is different, and I have always run my businesses by asking, ‘how is this product going to make people’s lives easier and ultimately happier?’ If I get behind something, it’s because I use it myself.”  

This was exactly what brought Christie to SBLA Beauty and led her to become an ambassador and owner. SBLA Beauty’s mission is to empower women everywhere to age beautifully on their own terms by providing an alternative and a compliment to expensive in-office cosmetic procedures. The revolutionary beauty tools deliver results, which is what captured Christie’s attention.  “I know not everyone can go to the dermatologist, and I also know it’s nice to do something good for our skin–get a little lift and boost.” 

Touted as the neck’s best friend, the line offers four distinct serums delivered in  signature sculpting roller ball wands that are airtight to keep the active ingredients active and at their most powerful potential. All of the products are fragrance-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Both the neck and facial wands target the areas where we show signs of facial aging. “I started using them, and I was so excited.

A few years ago, I needed something to help with the wrinkles, and these magic wands do the trick.  As a result, my skin looks smoother and I have seen great results. I use it on my face, neck, and decolletage. It has helped immensely with sun damage, and for someone like me who still loves the sun, I can apply, let dry, and still use sunblock. It doesn’t dilute, and I still get the results.” 

SBLA Beauty recently introduced the Eye Lift Wand, which Christie says is unbelievable. “The eyes are the windows to the soul, and I don’t mind having a few lines around my eyes, but I do find that when  I use the SBLA Eye lift wand, when I want to do a real makeup and apply eyeliner, it just goes on so much easier with the eye wand smoothing out my lids and laugh lines. I do, however, want to look my best, not different, and that’s one of the biggest benefits of the SBLA beauty line. How great is it to have a product that helps tighten and improve the skin texture, It’s like having an eye lift in a topical treatment.”

Whether it’s to tighten, smooth, plump, or reduce, one thing we know for sure, and what was reiterated by Christie throughout our interview, is that there is no better investment than the investment in yourself. “The effort you put in will impact your overall happiness. We all have choices, and I want everyone to be happy and live their best life.”    

Christie is certainly leading by example and using her gifts to live her best life. “I’m doing what brings me the most joy, and I feel grateful every day.” Christie shared that she loves this time of year and looks forward to the holidays where she can spend time with her family.

“On Thanksgiving, we gather in the kitchen, and we cook up a storm. For Christmas, we usually go to our home in the Caribbean.” 

No matter where she is, or whom she shares her time with, it’s certain Christie Brinkley is living each day filled with light and happiness. We’re certain because we can go right back to her very own definition of beauty that describes her best: that it’s right inside each one of us, in our own heart and soul. Christie has certainly found the fountain of youth so many are seeking.  Her secret is classic because that’s the part of beauty that will never, ever fade.

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