Constance Marie: Loving, Living and Leaving a Latina Legacy


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Constance Marie

Written By: Amy Breuer

As relatable as the many characters she portrays on television, Constance Marie is as warm and approachable in person as she appears to be on screen. What was supposed to be a more formal interview, ended up to be a casual conversation touching upon an array of life lessons, ranging from hard work, perseverance, the pandemic, and unavoidable flexibility. 

Constance Marie believes one of the biggest keys to her success is the ability to pivot professionally in times of change.  With a career spanning over 30 years, she laughed as she described what life was like as an actress before HD, the internet, and social media. 

Does anyone else remember the rotary phone or the dial tone you get when picking up a landline?  Interestingly, when I asked her what changed the most over time, she said,

“Technology, of course; older women being seen as “sexy”;  and Latin people being viewed as ‘regular people’.”

Tracing her ancestry back to 1850, she is highly connected to her family, her Latin American heritage, and the important roles that she has played over the years.

Growing up, she quickly recognized the lack of diversity and multigenerational influences around her, so saying “yes” to The George Lopez Show was easy. 

This was the first English predominately Latin show to have ever made it past 13 episodes in 75 years and ultimately changed the American perceptions of Latinos.  Constance continues to find opportunities to bring attention to her background by seeking out roles that highlight her unforgotten culture.

Her latest work can be found in the Amazon Original With Love, released on December 17th. 

Constance and the rest of the badass cast continue to entertain the world with this feel-good, romantic comedy series which leaves those that watch it feeling like they have just received a big hug that they didn’t even know was needed. 

So, whether you want to binge-watch all of the episodes at once or watch them individually to celebrate the holidays alongside the on-air family navigating through them, you will find and enjoy all the meaningful moments and be forever moved.

All of us have a choice in the activities we choose to do. 

When asking Constance Marie about what makes her say “yes” to a particular interview, a project, or script, it took all of a second for her to respond with

“I have to connect to it. I have to feel like it is something of integrity; it has to be something good that I am putting out into the world and that my daughter and my culture would be proud of.” 

From the age of 13, Constance was a go-getter and not afraid to put in the work necessary to achieve the success she desired.  There were many times in her life that required her to stretch outside of her comfort zone. 

From being “painfully” shy in her younger years to later dancing in front of eighty-thousand people, her resilience and her strong sense of self are deeply rooted in her Latinx background and she instills that same strength and work ethic into her daughter.  

In closing our conversation, we talked about how interconnected we are and how, as women, we need to support each other. 

When asking her how she defines beauty, she paused and replied so beautifully,

“Beauty makes you feel good.  People that make you feel good are beautiful.” 

For women, we can often make comparisons to the illusions around us or judge ourselves too harshly.  Constance had once heard a saying about changing the narrative and shared…

“Instead of saying what’s wrong with me, say, what’s strong with me.” Such a mindful shift in thinking can often make a big impact! 

To get Constance Marie’s “glow”, remember to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and try using one of her favorite beauty products, “Suntegrity tinted Sunblock 5 in 1 Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30!

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