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Written By: Michelle Emmick

There are some people you just meet and fall in love with right away. This was the case in my interview with celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Pia.

As the founder of The Cosmetic Dentistry Center on Park Avenue in NYC, Dr. Pia has had the opportunity to work with many notable clients spanning from Oscar winners to Victoria’s Secret models. Featured on shows like TLC’s popular reality make-over series, 10 Years Younger, some of her high-profile clients include Brooke Shields, Ashley Graham, and even Royal Family members.

In other words, Dr. Pia is the go-to cosmetic dentist for a customized and beautiful transformation, and I can see why. Her charismatic, straight-shooter personality and more than 30 years of experience make Dr. Pia a leading authority in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

To understand where her greatness stems from is to start with her story. 

Dr. Pia was born in Romania under communist rule. Her family escaped to Italy when she was five, then immigrated to the United States when Pia was only seven years old. She graduated from high school at the age of 16, and went on to earn her degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery from the prestigious New York University’s College of Dentistry.

Dr. Pia held an 18-year tenure starting as Clinical Instructor and worked her way up to Assistant Module Director leading the Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU’s College of Dentistry. In addition, she served as Clinical Assistant Professor for the Sackler.

Dr. Pia’s start in Cosmetic Dentistry was a bold decision. At the time, it was hard to compete, as there were little to no female cosmetic dentists. Pia found her inspiration after attending a lecture by a renowned dentist that both impressed and impacted her so much that she decided to enter the specialty field.

I was told from the start that to become a cosmetic dentist you are either born with the skill or not. It’s an art that only a few master.

Dr. Pia believed in her artistry and brought her high-level skills to transform the lives of some of the most affluent and well-known people in the world.  

The most common request Dr. Pia receives inside her office is for a cosmetic smile makeover. Patients come to her wanting to know how they can improve and change their smiles.  Veneers are the most sought after service.

To achieve a celebrity-looking smile, it can include veneers as far as the smile goes. Super large smiles can include 12 teeth; however, some can get away with between 8-10 on the top alone. It can also include one arch or can be both upper and lower teeth.

“It’s hard to match,” says Dr. Pia.

It’s recommended to stay in the natural zone when it comes to veneers. Dr. Pia is able to provide a natural look by staying in the natural zone, with all veneers done by hand. While many use a computer and 3D printer so that the teeth have to be filed down, Dr Pia’s method requires no filing and allows the veneer to be an overlay that layers different colors of porcelain which provides translucency.

Unlike the hasty one day in and out appointments that can provide a less than pleasing look, Dr. Pia’s smile makeover takes an average of three weeks to complete, which will in turn provide a beautiful, customized, and most importantly, natural look for her patients. 

Dr. Pia shares that for patients who are concerned with the high cost of veneers, the most affordable way to make an impact can be made through the use of Invisalign® and whitening gel in the trays.  

I asked Dr. Pia about the difference between the direct mail option versus going to see your cosmetic dentist or orthodontist. Dr Pia shared that the biggest difference is that there is no doctor oversight with the consumer direct programs.

Those clear aligners are built through artificial intelligence. Consumers need to make sure they pay attention and speak up. I perform quite a bit of redos because patients need more trays due to poor attention to the rotations and positioning of the teeth. 

We asked Dr Pia some questions that came from our Ask Us Beauty readers.

People want to know what the deal is with whitening toothpaste. Here’s the simple secret, says Dr. Pia:

Please read the label. Your whitening paste has to include the word peroxide in the list of ingredients or it’s not teeth whitening; it’s a stain remover and will not lift color. It’s like getting highlights. You can’t get highlights if you have dark brown hair by putting dark blonde hair color on; you need the bleach to lift out the color. It’s the same as [the] hair coloring process.”

Our readers also wanted to know about charcoal for their teeth.

According to Dr. Pia, “One word, garbage!” It’s so abrasive to your teeth, it can wear out your enamel. 

Dr. Pia shares when it comes to defining beauty, it’s become complicated.

She still believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, society has altered the definition, and when it comes to teeth, well, bigger and whiter is the new trend. Dr. Pia wanted to stress the importance of keeping your smile within the natural boundaries. Everything from your face shape, tooth shape, and cheekbones are to be taken into consideration. “Consider your face a beautiful piece of art. You can’t go against the grain.”  

Dr. Pia has added cosmetic enhancement procedures such as injectables to her list of services to keep the integrity of the smile. When men and women have facial aesthetic procedures done, it can alter the smile. Performing injections allows me to control the appearance and make sure my patients look their best.   

As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Association, American Academy of Facial Aesthetics, New York State Dental Association and New York County Dental Society, Dr. Pia is at the top of her game and continues to empower women, helping build their self-esteem through her artistry everyday. 

You can find Dr. Pia at:

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