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Dr. Anahita Azharian

Dr. Anahita Azharian loves making dreams come true. She is living her dream life, having built a successful boutique practice that supports women on their transformational journeys. 

A good majority of patients Dr. Azharian and her team see are women who have experienced a major weight loss transformation. “We meet with women who have put in so much work and commitment to lose weight, which is great; however, they are left with excess skin. That loose skin is a constant reminder of their past and, for many, feeling less than the best version of themselves. When they come to us, their dream is to finish the last piece of the puzzle, to complete their very personal transformation. We get to help them see their dream become reality.”  

Dr. Azharian shared that she never wanted her office to be the cookie-cutter plastic surgery practice where you walk in and feel intimidated by all the people who work there. And for that reason, she has staff that represent different ages, ethnicities, from different walks of life, different shapes, etc. “Part of my dream as a physician and practice owner is for every patient [that] walks through our doors to feel comfortable to share their story with us. We understand what a big decision they are making for themselves and the importance of a safe place where they can feel confident in their decision [in having] plastic surgery.” 

Dr. Azharian also shared that about 95% of her patients are female, and of those, 50% have gone through a major weight loss transformation. “When women who have lost a significant amount of weight come to my office, we always start with a congratulations on their success. Then we want to know what the dream is for themselves at this point in their journey. It’s exciting to get to be part of their next step, and we don’t ever take the significance of that for granted.”  

Ketsy DeJesus, Office Manager & Patient Coordinator, has been by Dr. Azharian’s side for the last two years, helping her bring her vision and dreams to the forefront. According to Ketsy, “When patients come into our practice, they come in as cocoons, very shy. We see them go through all the stages, and by the time they leave us and complete those steps, they feel great about themselves, and they are set free like a butterfly to enjoy their new journey.”

Dr. Azharian added, “Our patients go through such a beautiful transformation and are then ready to spread their wings, go out, and celebrate life. That’s the goal of it for me. It wasn’t so much to make you perfect, but more to make you the perfect version of what you are still preserving, your imperfections, everything that goes along with making that individual unique to themselves. That’s my dream and truly the best and most gratifying part of my profession.”   

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure and interested in a consultation, contact Magnolia Plastic Surgery https://magnoliapsc.com/ or call directly at 813-563-2220.



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