Energy Healing and the Law of Attraction


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Energy Healing and the Law of Attraction

By Kylie Malcolm & Edita Hill at Divinity Collective

No doubt you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, but did you know that energy healing can help you to harness it?

Contrary to what you may have been told, the law of attraction is incredibly simple. Every experience you have had in your life (or will have in the future) is the product of the thoughts, emotions, and energy that you’ve sent out to the Universe.

What you attract is heavily linked to the energy you send out. If your energy and thoughts are positive, you are likely to attract the same experiences. And this is where energy healing can be the perfect partner to manifestation. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Set your desires and intentions

The first step is to gain crystal-clear clarity on what it is that you want to attract into your life. Be as specific as you can to help the Universe support you. Keep your desires positive and present them as a way to reframe your goal. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to have another bad day at work,” say, “My workplace is a positive and productive environment this week.” This way, you’re signaling to the Universe what you DO want and acting as though it’s already a reality. Your goal is automatically within reach because you’re not framing it into the future.

Step 2: Purify your energy

Firstly, take a few deep breaths. As you breathe out, let go of all negative energy in your body. With each breath in, imagine a bright white light at the top of your crown filling your body up with healing white light. This light is deeply purifying and is a blank springboard for your energy. Once you feel fully immersed in the light and ready to harness your energy, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Energize your intention

With your hands in a prayer position, speak your desires and your intention (either out loud or just to yourself). Imagine your palms glowing with a white light that infuses and energizes your intention.

Step 4: Express gratitude

With your hands still in prayer position, express gratitude for the energy you have just harnessed and for being able to call your desires into reality. Feel the gratitude for your desires coming true in the future, as if they have already happened. Keep it positive and in the present tense to reinforce the messages and energy you’re sending to the Universe.

A Final Word 

Harnessing universal energy in this way is the stepping stone to amazing, positive outcomes in your life. You could even go further with your energy healing by being attuned to Reiki Energy Healing, harnessing universal energies to manifest, clear blockages, heal parts of your life, and open space for positivity. 

About Edita and Kylie

Edita and Kylie, co-founders of Divinity Collective, are spiritual alchemists, helping the world to understand universal life-force energy in a way that is unique to them. Both Edita and Kylie are Advanced Reiki Master Teachers, Meditation Teachers, Expert Sound Bowl Healers, Breathwork Teachers, Intuitives and Oracle Card Readers. 




Facebook: @divinitycollective

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