Eva’s Healthy Hair Tips


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Having moved to America from a small town in the Czech Republic in 2010, Eva has been cutting, coloring, and creating her way through the hairstyling industry.  As an encaustic artist outside of the salon, she finds that being an artist and a hairstylist is interconnected. 

“Hair is very artistic because you have to have a vision on what would work well on someone else and be able to bring that vision to life.”

Eva’s Healthy Hair Tips:

  1. Focus on building healthy hair from the inside out with a healthy diet.
  2. Good products from the salon.  While it may be deceiving, products and brands you often see at your “big box” retail store are not necessarily the same as you get from your salon.  These imitators can often be out of date or even fake.
  3. Less heat on your hair is best and if you do use heat, be sure to use a protectant. 

Favorite product:
Moroccan oil. It’s a great way to protect your hair from the environment.

How do you define beauty: 
A smile and confidence!”

Eva Broadbent on Instagram: @Evablondhair

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