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Everyday Beauty Nicole George

Stephanie Whittaker – Beautycounter Consultant and the Beauty Expert for Intuitive Life Hub shares as a wife, and mama, she is a fierce advocate for safer products. “Before I got pregnant, I was consumed with making healthy choices and doing everything right to prepare my body to carry a child. Knowing every ingredient in the meals I was eating, eliminating certain foods, taking the best vitamins, getting daily exercise, drinking enough water, reading up on every article, every label etc. I was well rehearsed on the things I was putting INTO my body, but I wasn’t aware of what I was putting ONTO my body.” 

Stephanie believes the world doesn’t need another beauty brand. “What we do need is change. Beautycounter not only is paving the way with incredible high performing products, but it is the ONLY brand in the industry that marches to the capitol of the United States to fight for new health protective laws to be passed to keep consumers safe. Beautycounter bans over 1,800 harmful + questionable ingredients from all of our products. We are the major leader in clean beauty and our collective mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone!”

That’s how Nicole George, founder of The Intuitive Life Hub, and Stephanie became connected. “After her battle with skin cancer the Universe brought our paths together, shares Stephanie. We collectively are here to change the world one choice, one decision, one product at a time!

Nicole George is the founder of Intuitive Life Hub.  Nicole George worked as a nurse and nurse leader for large healthcare companies for over 18 years. The corporate world left her burned out, in the unhealthiest physical + mental health of her life, and in 2021, she fell serendipitously into the world of intuition aligning herself with her life’s purpose, to be an entrepreneur. Nicole went on to become a spiritually intuitive life + business coach with double ACCPH certifications with distinction and has trained as a light worker, healer, and numerologist as well.

In early 2022 she expanded her business, and The Intuitive Life Hub became a global community of women experts helping guide others towards their Golden Path and reclaim who they are destined to be.


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