Experiencing Wanderlust? Bring Creature Comforts on Your Next Flight


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Woman in airplane looking through the window

Written By: Cindy O’Brien


What to Carry-On During Your Next Flight.

If you have wanderlust like we do, you are not alone!  There have been recent studies proving people who travel 75 miles from home, 4 times or more a year, are happier than people who don’t, but these days it could be trickier with added restrictions and Covid related mandates. 

So here are our simple travel essential recommendations to add creature comforts and elevate your experience making it as fun and stress-free as possible. 

Start with a Large Backpack to carry your onboard essentials. We love Patagonia backpacks, but there are so many to choose from.  

  1. Pashmina-  We choose our favorite large warm pashmina to use as a blanket or pillow. It also cushion our electronics
  2. Empty Water Bottle–  Fill it with fresh water once you get through security.
  3. Noise Canceling Headset–  Protects ears and drowns out crying babies. 
  4. Tea Bags–  We enjoy our favorite Yogi Teas and their Sleepy Time Tea on our overnight flights.
  5. Silk Eye Mask–  Helps you to relax and rest during long flights. 
  6. Snacks-  Fruit and nuts are our favorites, but we usually add a few low sugar, gluten free power bars too. 
  7. Blue Light Reading Glasses
  8. Phone Cord and Adapter
  9. Kindle | Book | I-Pad
  10. Pencil and Small Note Book- We enjoy journaling or take travel notes while on the plane.
  11. Hydrating Spray–  Our favorite is the Vital Complete Hydrating Essence, packed with hyaluronic acid, floral water, anti-oxidants and probiotics to keep skin plump and nourished. Plus, the scent and taste are divine!
  12. Hair Tie or Clip-  So you can cleanse your skin easily.
  13. Lazy Gurl, One + Done Cleansing Oil–  The perfect travel companion for those overnight flights to cleanse, moisturize and nourish all in one step. 
  14. Wipes, Tissues and Hand Sanitizer
  15. Face or Surgical Mask-  We like to wear it in the plane and airport for added protection. 
  16. Medications and Vitamins-  Definitely love to have our probioticselectrolyte packs and vitamin C on hand.
  17. Moisturizer-  Our favorites are LIV + GRACE SKINCARE’S Goat Milk HydratorSuper Seed Oil or Rescue Hydrate. Sometimes we carry all three!
  18. Travel toothbrush and tooth paste 
  19. Keys-  Our necessary keys for when we return home.

Our Final Pro Travel Tip:  Wear a fanny pack or belted purse.  It is great to have ones with several zippers to organize your passport, travel documents, credit cards, cash, hand sanitizer, favorite mini travel skincare and cell phone so they are handy at all times.

Now you are ready to travel!

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