Fashion Funds the Fight


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Fashion Funds the Fight

Written by: Amy Breuer

It was at the exact moment when Kerry and I simultaneously flipped on our cameras  that I knew I had just met someone special.  Moments later, as the other ladies joined our video call, I was overwhelmed with the positive energy of a team of women who were passionate and dedicated to making a positive impact in the world, for a cause that has affected so many, including them. And, as the conversation progressed, I began to learn more about these ladies, their stories, and their journey that brought them together to create The Cancer Cartel.

The Cancer Cartel was founded by three amazing cancer survivors: Kerry Solmonsen, Katy Tinney, and Shelly Tinney- Miller.  Having survived the toughest fight of their lives, they were ready to help others, but exactly how wasn’t always clear, until one day when inspiration hit.  They had attended a nonprofit event, and through a casual conversation on the ride home about cancer warriors’ everyday expenses and their love for fashion and shopping, their mission emerged.  They would soon become the RealReal of the nonprofit world where fashionistas can donate luxury designer and fashion items or shop new-to-you fashions.

When speaking to them, their perseverance and passion shines through in their cool yet confident vibe about their experiences. They are grateful to be survivors, and they have become warriors to help others who are still in the fight.  These women realize the financial drain that cancer can impose, and they are also aware of the many others that are out there who would love to help, but need a platform.  So, they created an important mission of providing financial resources to those fighting cancer and welcome and appreciate any donation of luxury brand items.  If you do not have any items on hand to donate, they also accept monetary contributions as well.  There are many creative opportunities available on their website, but the biggest single thing you can do today is share.  It was through sharing that I met these inspiring women and am now able to share their story with you.  The power of community and connection is strong, and you can help by sharing their story too!

The future of The Cancer Cartel looks so bright that I just might need a pair of luxury shades (hint hint). 

Despite all of the uncertainties around the pandemic, their resilience shined-on as they continued to give.  As of the date this article goes to print, the ladies have given away over $100,000 to people in the fight!  The money the recipients receive goes towards things such as transportation needs, fuel to get warriors to and from their treatments, prescription medications, meals at the hospital cafeteria, and other small expenses that can quickly break a patient’s bank.  The website is not only practical, but spiritual.  For some warriors, their needs are not only monetary, so the Cancer Cartel continues to give virtual hugs and support to anyone that needs them along the way.

With an ultimate goal of $11 million annually, they are looking for corporate sponsors or angel investors to help cover their administrative costs so that they can make an even bigger difference to people in need.  Whether you need a little help to cover those everyday expenses or looking to help in a meaningful way, visit their website at

You can follow The Cancer Cartel at…..

The Gift of Confidence

When Nancy Lemon started Girls With Confidence in 2011, she wanted to create extraordinary experiences for school-aged girls to develop self-love and grow brave spirits they would carry with them the rest of their lives and shine onto others. She desired to give girls the safe space she believed would have significantly impacted her own young life had such a place existed.

Prior to beginning Girls With Confidence, Nancy volunteered with a now-closed youth support organization from 2008 to 2011. Her volunteer work came from a deep place, as her own experiences and struggles drove her to work to equip the strong-spirited and vibrant youth she encountered.

Moving from Pain to Purpose

With her confidence shaken at a young age because of childhood trauma, Nancy experienced shame and the lack of proper support to heal. Into adulthood, her childhood events manifested in an eating disorder, which Nancy battled for years.

Through years of counseling and personal work, Nancy found herself whole, healthy and healed. Seeing the gap of programs to teach girls to love and honor themselves, make positive decisions, and navigate all that comes with growing up in the modern world, Nancy was inspired to continue the mission she had once served through volunteering and now on a new path that this time she would forge. 

Envisioning a World Where Every Girl Knows her Worth

Since Nancy founded Girls With Confidence, it has grown from Tampa Bay to cities and countries beyond. Nancy knows that all girls, no matter their background or socioeconomic status, struggle from time to time with self-perception and confidence. Every girl needs guidance, mentors, positive friends, and places to be herself.

Girls are given opportunities to rise through workshop series, camps, craft nights, and other inspirational events. Nancy is proud of the work everyone involved with Girls With Confidence has accomplished to affect hundreds of girls who have heard the message of how to love themselves from the inside out and accept themselves wholeheartedly. One of Nancy’s greatest joys is seeing girls go through the programs from elementary to high school and come full circle by applying what they’ve learned and mentoring the younger girls.

If you’d like to learn more about our programs or volunteer opportunities at Girls With Confidence, please contact us. We are expanding and would love to bring our programs to your area!

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