Gen-Z Actress: Revell Carpenter


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Revell Carpenter has been acting her whole life. “I asked my mom to take me to get headshots when I was eight years old and got my first agent around that time too!” Revell says she always loved reading and diving into stories, whether in a sandbox as a child or as a professional on a film set.

Born in New York and studying her craft in her home city along with Los Angeles and London, Revell already holds an impressive career. With numerous films and television shows under her list of credits, she’s also earned herself two Best Actress awards at the New York City International Film Festival and has written, produced, and directed several shorts.

When asking about how her family feels about the profession she chose, Revell shared,

most of my family was not initially over the moon about me going into acting. A lot of them are in finance or other more technical careers. Immediately after graduating from George Washington University, I took a job in investment banking. I think I would probably be doing that if I hadn’t built the courage to leap into acting. I am SO glad I did.

Following her passion, Revell’s latest projects include upcoming thrillers A Job To Die For and What The Nanny Saw. She has also just been cast in “All American: Homecoming” on the CW Network.

In our interview, I asked Revell if she had a mentor who has helped guide her in an industry that can be challenging for many, especially young women. Revell credits her acting coach Maria Dizzia, who she shared has been such an inspiration and role model for her.

She has a beautiful family, a wonderful career, and still makes time to teach and help others grow in their craft. I use the tools she taught me in every project.

Revell’s playful personality shines through when asking about her definition of beauty.

“When a boy tells you you’re beautiful… KIDDING! I think beauty is all confidence. Doing whatever it is that makes you feel gorgeous and healthy is the beauty that shines through on the outside.”

And as a Gen Z-er, Revell has a good handle and advice to others on not taking social media too seriously.

I think social media should make you feel good about yourself and not be a measurement of how many others feel good about you. Of course, that is WAY easier said than done. I try to just be me as much as possible, make fun of myself sometimes, and hype myself up too! And really try to not look at the like count.

Revell devotes her free time to working with the New York Public Library, serving on the junior board, improving literacy throughout NYC. She is also one of the founding members of the Hagley Youth Foundation, serving intracity Wilmington, DE.

A few tips from REVELL

What is one beauty tip that you received from a loved one, and who is that person? 

Always wear sunscreen and hats. You only get one face, and it is very hard to reverse aging caused by sun damage. My grandmother taught me that!

What are one or two ‘can’t live without’ beauty products? 

Cartier La Panthère perfume and, a new discovery, OGEE Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil. It’s organic!

You can find Revell at:

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