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If you thought spring cleaning was just for your closet, think again! 

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and looking its best, look to clean out your skincare collection, too. 

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a packrat. I’m also that girl that keeps every skincare sample intending to use it. 

Here are some tips on spring cleaning or using that skincare that’s been in your product graveyard under the sink:

  • Using expired skincare could cause irritation or, even worse, a bacterial infection. 
  • Universally, I’ve seen a shelf life of 18 months to 2 years on skincare. To know for sure, look at the back of the bottle. You will see a capital M with a number. This letter M+Number indicates how long your skincare will last after opening it. 
  • If all else fails, use the sniff test. If the products smell less than fresh or have changed color and are clumpy, toss it!
  • If you have serums and moisturizers that didn’t feel great on your face, try using them on your body. 
  • If you’re hanging on to all those skincare samples, keep them in a travel bag for when you’re on trips or going to the spa or gym. 
  • You can also donate skincare to a daughter or niece. Some women’s shelters also love donations like this. Check in your local area if you have skincare that hasn’t been used and want pass it on. 

Spring has sprung, and so does some of your old skincare.

Be sure to look today. When in doubt, toss it out!

About Asia DeMarcos

Asia DeMarcos, former actress and celebrity Esthetician. Asia began her career in esthetics, working with some of the top doctors in Los Angeles. Taking what she knew, along with tricks of the trade from being an actress, led her to open her celebrity skin clinic HOLLYWOOD BEAUTIFUL in 2006. Asia worked on some of the most famous faces in TV, film, and music. Today you can catch Asia on her international beauty podcast, where she throws out her script and educates on skincare ingredients and cosmetic procedures. 

She also exposes industry phonies and helps you navigate the world of cosmetic medicine. 

You can find Asia at:

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