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Ana Gonzalez Herrera dedicated 15 years of her life to the corporate world, leading and growing personal care, beauty, and wellness corporations worldwide. She spent her career building and expanding several international brands, such as John Frieda, Jergens, Biore, Elemis, and Babor before becoming a Partner for Pangaea Laboratories. 

In the meantime, she was silently battling Stage IV Endometriosis, which caused remarkable disruptions to both her professional and personal life.

Furthermore, she experienced first-hand the alarming number of people who lacked education on the seriousness and importance of hormonal health. After one of her most invasive surgeries, she started her entrepreneurial journey to fulfill her vision of rethinking the women’s wellness space.

Inspired by the idea that hormonal wellness is the result of a balanced approach to health and with the naturopathic principles in mind, she launched Glow Botanica, a company that provides a series of effective natural remedies to help achieve hormonal balance by targeting PMS and menopause symptoms.

Knowing from her personal experience that wellness starts from knowledge, Ana also took charge of building and launching Hormone University, the first educational platform focused on hormonal health, aiming to not only raise awareness but also empower women to take control over their hormonal health, preparing them to step into the doctor’s office and get their questions answered.

While her business is still young, Ana has the ambition to become the beacon of hormonal wellbeing, giving women all the tools to be in control of their hormones and not to be controlled by them. 

 Ana – Can you share with us about your struggle with Endometriosis and what women should know and can do for themselves?

For over a decade, I suffered from Stage IV Endometriosis, an excruciatingly painful menstrual condition that distorted every aspect of my life. 

I had years of PMS pain, went through five surgeries, fibroids, adenomyosis, a failed IVF attempt, and infertility. The last surgery culminated in a full hysterectomy and a colon resection, so I ended up with surgical menopause. As anyone can imagine, it took an immense toll on my personal and professional goals.

While I had a thriving career in beauty & personal care, I was secretly suffering. I was pretending everything was ok and put on a brave face. I felt embarrassed and “bad” for taking time off. That was a mistake I made for years, and I now tell everyone: speak up and don’t suffer in silence.

I spent years in fear of pain, and when PMS hit on a monthly basis, it was hell. I was in excruciating pain around 50% of the month. Taking painkillers every couple of hours was the norm, along with nausea, heavy bleeding, bloating, and other symptoms. Unless you go through it, it is impossible to comprehend how debilitating it is. Endo affects at least 10% of the female population, yet I kept asking myself,  ‘how is this possible?’ I had no idea about hormonal health. Zero. This is unfortunately too common, and it’s crazy and unfair, given what we go through as women. I started researching, talking to experts, and it has become my life’s mission to help others find relief with products and education. Obstacles in life can become your biggest inspiration. My experience inspired me to create Hormone University and the naturopathic product company Glow Botanica.

When women come to me to get my help or advice, I usually ask them if they feel heard by their doctors. Unfortunately, it takes an average of seven years to diagnose Endometriosis (10 if you are a woman of color), which tells us that some doctors still don’t listen and disregard Endo as “PMS or menstrual cramps.”  We have to advocate for ourselves, and, hence, our newsletter at Hormone University is called The Waiting Room – the goal is for you to learn what to ask your doctor before stepping into their office, so you will feel empowered to do so.

I recommend women focus on their diet but also manage their emotional health. You can have the best nutrition, but if you are constantly stressed, you are on “cortisol poisoning,” which can have a major effect on hormonal imbalance and health overall. I love and recommend cold showers, infrared saunas, movement, breathing exercises, and being present. 

I am biased, but I highly recommend our product, Tummy Butter! It has so many great properties. Following three different studies, it has shown tremendous results and glowing reviews with PMS and Menopause symptoms. Stop the crappy painkillers and potential side effects of hormonal treatments!

We have so much to do to influence the medical world. The pill gets prescribed too easily without informing patients of the side effects. Nutrition, lifestyle, mental health, and natural solutions should be the rule rather than the exception. We should receive education on hormonal imbalance and wellness; we should focus more on symptoms (not age), so we can stop the stigma that surrounds hormonal health. 

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Ana Gonzalez Herrera, Founder & CEO (Glow Botanica & Hormone University)

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