Grammy Award-Winning Artist Lisa Loeb


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Lisa Loeb

While many people were isolated during the pandemic, Grammy award-winning artist Lisa Loeb used her time to create art and connect. From tap dancing classes to learning Japanese, Lisa was continually busy with her family and work but found time to pursue interest that brought her joy.

One of her creative projects stemmed from a reunion zoom call with fellow Brown University alumni that led to musical theatre through the magic of zoom. Lisa’s inspiration, Together Apart, became a collaborative effort including 100 alumni exploring moments during the pandemic.

Comprised of short musicals written, composed, directed by, and starring the Brown University graduates, this digital platform has raised close to $40,000 for The Actors Fund.

Lisa’s unique storytelling can be found in her latest album A Simple Trick to Happiness, a collection of personal songs filled with experiences from Lisa’s life and the wisdom she’s gained from living it.

When I looked back at my most popular song, (yes, that 1994 platinum-selling Number 1 hit song “Stay”), it was such a personal song that connected with so many people, and I wanted that again.

Lisa says that her music has evolved with age, her experiences, and learning about the experiences of others.

Life brings so many moments of connecting and sharing. There is something so powerful about a personal story. I wanted to write songs you would carry with you for the day, that you could relate to, and that I enjoy singing. It’s about seeing all sides of life, realizing you are strong, and even through the dark side, seeing the hope.

With the upcoming holidays, Lisa said that a standalone song she wrote called “Light” stands out to her.

Its central theme is hope. I wanted to get in touch with the essence of the holiday, which to me is the story of the miracle of the Hanukkah lights which shares the message that no matter what there is always hope.

In addition to her many hats, glasses happen to be Lisa’s best accessory. Recognized for her iconic cat-eyed rims, Lisa realized years ago that what was once something that she believed pulled the focus away from her art actually provided a deep connection with her fans.

“People come up to me whether it’s at concerts or on airplanes and share with me that I helped make them more confident wearing glasses. For over 10 years now I’ve been overseeing the business and eyewear design of Lisa Loeb Eyewear.”

Lisa’s collection features frames for every look and occasion, bridging the gap between the workplace and everyday chic.

“We make frames that make people feel comfortable, flirty, and pretty.” 

Lisa says when it comes to beauty and wellness, it’s all about the basics for her.

I make sleep a priority, take naps when needed, get regular exercise, and eat well. I eat what I like and stop when I’m full. Overall, it’s really about balance. When it comes to make up, I believe less is more. I’ve learned how to put on makeup; I get regular haircuts and wear sunscreen every day. Smiling is the cheapest facelift.

When it comes to overall beauty, Lisa shares that she appreciates all aesthetics. 

“I don’t think about people’s outer beauty a lot; I think about their ability to connect and the electricity they give, their kindness and how they look at the world. That’s beautiful.”

Lisa is happy to share that with age she’s learned to enjoy the depths of her experiences and to stop and enjoy the moments.

I don’t have tattoos, but if I did it would be of a glass-half full. I believe it’s such an important message. Whether it’s guided meditation, taking a walk, or scrolling through social media finding some cute cat pictures, always be hopeful and use what’s in your own toolbox to rebalance and reset. 

You can find Lisa at:

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