Holiday Style Tips

Here are my tips for Holiday dressing and looking and feeling good to be going out again:

  1. It’s all about the GLAM, baby! Bring on the sparkle and the shine. We are going all the way opposite to the sloppy sweats, and dressing up again. Sequins and sparkles will have a real place this holiday season. And hey, sequins in the daytime too-it’s a vibe! Instead of a predictable sequin dress, try sequins wide leg pants or leggings. 
  2. Yes, we are embracing sparkle and shine, but I recommend not going out looking like a disco ball, ie. with everything sparkling, with big hair, heavy shiny makeup, big jewelry and sparkly clothes. I recommend picking one area of interest and keeping the rest of your outfit understated, classy and elegant.
  3. Vibrant color! Bring it on. This is definitely a reflection of our optimism and excitement for our new normal. I’m talking about bright pinks, red, cobalt blue, greens, yellows, ALL THE COLORS. We’re doing head to toe vibrant colors for a huge color statement. I’m here for it! Color is such a huge mood boost. What a great addition to any holiday gathering. 
  4. How about switching things a bit this year? Instead of the usual party dress, try a silky, satin pantsuit or a jumpsuit. Comfort is still a big theme for the holidays. Comfort but make it fashion. Cutouts-I love these, I know this can be scary for some, but think about classy, strategically placed cutouts. It doesn’t have to be your tummy exposed. Instead, how about cutouts along the sleeves or shoulder, and have that be the star of your show. That will make your look interesting and very current.
  5. So yes, Holiday 2021 here you come! You are ready! Ready to live again, ready to dress up and look and feel amazing.


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