If You Can’t Achieve It, Weave It!


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Written by: Jordan Peden

I have a hair confession to make.

In 2016, I shaved part of my head. I know, I know. 

Every now and then I get the urge to do something wild with my hair, and that year it just happened to be an undercut. I wanted something funky and alternative, and I convinced myself it was a look I could achieve by shaving a small section of hair just above my right ear. 

An undercut is not a choice you can easily come back from, and luckily for me, I loved mine. It was everything I wanted it to be- fun, edgy, and totally punk rock. But when I got engaged a year later, I just couldn’t envision my shaved head in my wedding portraits. I decided to grow it out.

The whole process was one long awkward phase that ended in a blunt bob cut once the new growth was long enough. I didn’t hate it, but super short hair also wasn’t what I had dreamed of for my wedding look. I wanted an earthy bohemian look with loose waves and a halo braid propping up a flower crown; instead I had a mane shorter than my husband’s. Yes, really. 

Fortunately, my hairstylist is a miracle worker and was able to create the look I longed for with the hair I had. It was beautiful, but my husband never misses an opportunity to point out how much longer and more luscious his hair was than mine that day. And he’s not wrong. 

What could I have done?

I recently heard some incredible advice from Dara Peyton, the best friend of Ask Us Beauty’s Editor in Chief. Dara always used to say, “If you can’t achieve it, weave it!” I could have used Dara’s words of weave wisdom as I fretfully planned my wedding look. How much easier would that effortless bohemian look have been if I had just gotten a weave? Duh! 

It’s no wonder why women love hair extensions. They’re literally the answer for almost any hair style crisis. Need a few extra inches to pull off a high-pony look? Extensions. Want to hit the town with a ‘do you can whip around? Extensions. Shave part of your head but need some length for your wedding hairstyle? Extensions! 

And as always, Ask Us Beauty is here with a trusted hair extension recommendation. Enter KmXtend Hair.

KmXtend Hair is a female owned and founded hair extension company that prides itself on offering premium, long lasting hair extensions to salons and stylists to help women express their individuality and creativity at a reasonable price point. These extensions are made from 100% human hair and use keratin tips and quality tape for a luxurious experience. KmXtend Hair’s mission is to empower women to feel confident and beautiful with high-quality hair extensions for all budgets. This company is changing the game and making it possible for all consumers to achieve their full hair potential.

If I would have known then what I know now, hair extensions would have been a no-brainer. Thankfully, I now have KmXtend hair to turn to when the only answer is, “If you can’t achieve it, weave it!”

KmXtend products can be purchased online at:

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