Innovative Beauties: Abby & Caroline, Founders of Sparti Scents


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Innovative Beauties - Sparti Scents

What happens when smart, innovative, and solution-driven women come together?

A new and cool way to wear fragrance, that’s what! 

Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas have single-handedly created and revolutionized the way consumers love and wear fragrance. Their most recent innovation, Sparti Scents, offers a portable, colorful, playful, and alcohol-free product. Did I mention it smells great, too? 

Meet the founders of Scent Invent Technologies LLC.: Abby, an award-winning entrepreneur, executive producer, and digital media expert, and Caroline, a beauty expert, entrepreneur, and award-winning executive. These two women started with one vision – to rethink and reinvent forms of fragrance. 

It’s clear the universe brought these two industry powerhouses together. They met somewhere between a friend, a neighborhood, a birthday party, and an after-party. Over eight years ago, these successful women united their passions for innovation, and well, the rest was destiny – or shall we call it “heavenscent”?

“We knew we wanted to work together. We both had a strong visual idea of beauty and fragrance. Neither one of us had developed a line; however, we loved product, and we both had a fresh perspective, which was creative and exciting,” Abby shares.

Their journey started on a foundation of form, function, and fantasy. “We asked ourselves, ‘What problem can we solve, and where can we make the biggest impact?’ We knew fragrance required a lot of testing and took years. The requests we heard were to make a fragrance last longer, remain constant, and linger longer.” Wallach and Fabrigas answered the requests by working together and directly with the chemists to create something amazing, unique, and innovative. This came in the form of a product called Linger, a lasting fragrance primer that took the fragrance industry by storm.  

With the success of Linger and having spent hundreds of hours in meetings, briefs, presentations, and focus groups getting to know the consumer in order to offer the best products, Abby and Caroline emerged with the next innovation of Scent Invent. “With Sparti, we wanted to have a fragrance product that felt luxurious on your skin, was long-lasting and alcohol-free, among other things. Sparti really reflects a lot of learnings from Linger.”

Commercializing Sparti was a long and arduous process for these two determined innovators, but it has been well worth the wait. “A lot of quality care has gone into creating Sparti. There’s quite a bit of mind power behind this new and unique fragrance formula,” shares Caroline. 

Sparti Scents delivers fragrance at pure and concentrated levels for intense, lasting, and delightful scent, packaged in a cool twist-on portable swivel stick for everyday use by on-the-go women. All Sparti Scent fragrances have been developed by a world-class senior perfumer and come in three scents.

Spring Sparti includes an exuberant citrus blend of Juicy Grapefruit, Mandarin and Nectarine combined with middle notes of White Peony, Ginger Lily and Orris for a light floral breeze that ends with the comforting essence of Soft Musk, Sensual Amber and Vanilla to perfect a scent that no one can deny. Dance Sparti features a combination of dynamic notes of Star Fruit, Frozen Lemon, and Coriander de Leaf, so dance the night away as Sandalwood, Sexy Musk and Amber help you get your groove on. Love Sparti will spark your passion and unleash the sexy rebel in you with a delicious blend of Floral, Hyacinth and Fruity notes. Herbal Lavender and balsamic aromas enhance your sensual mood while White Animatic Musk, Cream Wood, and Patchouli concoct to perfect this aphrodisiac scent.

Abby shares that she is most proud when people love what they have created. “We created this more for Generation Z. Receiving their positive feedback makes us feel good and recognize the importance of listening to them. It’s what makes it exciting.” 

After 30 years as serial entrepreneurs, the creators of Sparti Scents express the importance of being involved in your business every step of the way. “When it’s your business, you need to know every single thing and be able to guide people. Whether it’s research and development, legal matters, the internet, each piece is its own skill and art. It’s your job to create the masterpiece.”  

Abby and Caroline both illuminated the incredible support they have received from the industry’s biggest names. “We have the most incredible advisory board. We have been surrounded by people that believe in our mission and vision and never gave up on us.” 

Walmart also believed in the Scent Invent founders and their innovative product by welcoming Sparti into 1,800 stores across the country. Their compact, convenient, and fun product is going to fly off the shelves, and we can’t wait to see what innovative product they come up with next!  

You can find Sparti at:

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