Melissa Gilbo & Amy Pocsik: Women’s Business League


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Melissa Gilbo Amy Pocsik Women's Business League

The idea for Women’s Business League (WBL) traces back to the very first time Melissa and Amy met. Over pizza and iced tea, they swapped stories about promoting their services, sales, and being working moms. Eventually, the conversation shifted to networking and the challenges that came with it. “I would collect tons of business cards but make no real connections,” Melissa shared. 

“I tried structured networking groups, but they were too restrictive, with too many rules and a schedule that didn’t work for me as a working mom.” Amy related, and quickly they realized they could unite their personal networks and build their own community by sharing in one another’s resources

Over time, something magical began to happen. Through contact and friendships, what started as a small group quickly expanded into establishing WBL as a bonafide business. Women’s Business League was born.

At WBL, Amy and Melissa want members to feel welcomed, inspired, and a little pampered.

WBL gives women an opportunity to take care of their business and themselves. The chapter leaders work hard to make WBL events feel special. “I call it our white-glove service. We go the extra mile for our members because in the WBL community… members are the first priority.”

“WBL has been successful because we’re fundamentally different from other networking groups. We see this most often in what I call the Rolodex Effect. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you’re at the hair salon. There’s a woman sitting in the chair next to yours. The two of you start chatting. At one point the woman says, ‘Overall, things are great. But my house is a mess; my son is failing math, and except for bathroom breaks, my dog hasn’t been outside in a week.’ Immediately, your Rolodex starts spinning in your head. You tell her, ‘I’m in a women’s business networking group. I know a house cleaner, a math tutor, and a dog walker. They’re all excellent. Would you like their contact info?’

That’s the Rolodex Effect. These conversations and connections happen all the time.

WBL’s unique approach is different from other business referral groups in that their membership is not an obligation; it’s a place to be supported and uplifted.  Their members enjoy monthly educational offerings, quarterly accelerators and increased brand exposure. “The personal and professional success of our members is what has us jumping out of bed every morning.” 

How do you define beauty?

Kindness is beautiful. Generosity is gorgeous. And a woman on a mission to help others is a showstopper.  

Society has convinced us that beauty is a measuring stick. It’s time to change the narrative. The truth is, beauty is an inside job. Own your power, invest in others, and your beauty will never fade.   

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