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Written by: Jordan Peden

Laughter is beautiful, so it’s no surprise that Meredith Masony, Tiffany Jenkins, and Dena Blizzard are GLOWING.

Together, these three mom-comediennes (mom-ediennes?) are combining forces, taking their act coast-to-coast, and sharing their journey through motherhood the only way they know how- through humor.

My Name Is NOT Mom is an authentic, heartfelt, and hilarious show, reminding us that we’re all doing the best we can and that the only way to get through the hard moments- or years- is by laughing about it.

Individually, each of these ladies is her own powerhouse brand of internet humor. Each has her own background story, and her own unique way of connecting with fans and followers.

Meredith keeps it real about the challenges of mothering the “middles,” sans filter, through her channel Meredith Masony.

Tiffany uses humor to bring awareness to issues that are hard to talk about under the name Juggling The Jenkins; she also wrote a book about her experience with addiction and recovery called High Achiever: The Incredible True Story of One Addict’s Double Life.

Dena shares funny family moments, thoughts, and frustrations with a delightfully authentic spin, some of which she turned into an off-Broadway show named for her brand, One Funny Mother. Each of them also represents a different stage in the journey of motherhood.

This is precisely why Meredith, Tiffany, and Dena believe My Name Is NOT Mom resonates so well with audiences.

“Each of us have kids at a different age, so we kind of cover the whole span of motherhood,” Meredith told us.

Whether you’re in the throws of the toddler years, the angsty adolescent and teenage era, or trying to launch older kids into the world, these ladies have it covered, as they share their raw, unfiltered, and hilarious experiences with the crowd. 

That very authenticity is what led these women to create content, what brought them together, and what keeps hordes of exhausted and overwhelmed moms flocking to their pages and their shows. Though each of their journeys began a bit differently, they were all motivated by a need for representation and community.

I started making videos because I felt like I didn’t see anybody on the internet who looked like me, who was miserable and drowning and didn’t know who to turn to, and I was amazed at the amount of people who were like, ‘oh my gosh thank goodness you’re saying something because I have felt like a failure all this time.’ And then this awesome community started

Tiffany Jenkins

Tiffany shared. Meredith and Dena went on to echo her sentiment as we spoke about how they came to be in the position to join forces and create My Name Is NOT Mom.

Since they all have such a tremendous following, it was only natural for their paths to cross. Meredith had been friends with both Dena and Tiffany separately, but it became obvious during the pandemic that the three of them had enormous potential as a trio.

I found myself calling them separately to bitch and complain about life with kids during the pandemic. We were talking about when the world opens up, we should do something, we should do a show. We posed the idea, and My Name Is NOT Mom was born, and our first date was in July.

The birth of this show was no small feat amid a pandemic, but moms can make pretty much anything happen.

“We became business women and started our own company and built it from the ground up over Zoom,” added Tiffany.

And we’re so glad they did, along with the millions of other women who follow them and those lucky enough to catch a show.

The impact these women are making is real and lasting. As they reflected on how My Name Is NOT Mom has touched audiences, Dena spoke about one of their favorite parts of the show- the meet and greet.

There’s tons of stories and you can see the impact that Tiff’s book has had, and then each of us being able to connect with people during the pandemic in a very different way than I think any of us has prior to that. It’s been really great to develop [the show], and I do really think that the women who come feel a little less crazy when they leave.

Dena Blizzard

If that’s not a good enough reason to see a show, I don’t know what is.

My Name Is NOT Mom has 26 shows on the books for 2022, and still may add more.

Meredith, Tiffany, and Dena are traveling all over the United States and even branching into Canada for several appearances. And while that’s plenty to be proud of, the satisfaction goes much deeper for the ladies of MNINM.

We’re all coming together to accomplish this great thing, but each of us coming with our own baggage and life experiences. There are a lot of other shows touring right now, but I don’t know that there are any who’ve brought three different brands together, all with the same message of motherhood, and I think having those unique perspectives is what makes it really awesome. So I think that’s the thing I’m most proud of.

Dena Blizzard

Well said, Dena. 

These very funny, very talented women are the real deal, from being rock stars on stage to going home and wiping butts. They see the need for real, honest connection, and they deliver. They don’t sugarcoat, and they leave you in stitches.

Visit to see their tour schedule, purchase tickets to a show, or snag some official My Name Is NOT Mom merchandise.

You can find My Name Is NOT Mom, Meredith, Tiffany & Dena at:

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