Self-Made Wonder Woman: Cindy Eckert


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Cindy Eckert

A self-made serial entrepreneur and vocal advocate for women, Cindy Eckert defies convention.

In her industry, in her companies, and in her outcomes, her work today in The Pinkubator continues to break barriers by investing in and mentoring other women to reach her level of success.

She’s on a mission to make women really rich. You cannot miss Cindy.

Everything she touches turns to PINK!
Over a distinguished 24-year career in healthcare, Cindy spent the last ten of those building and selling two businesses for more than $1.5 billion: first Slate Pharmaceuticals, which redefined long-acting testosterone treatment for men, then Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which broke through with the first ever FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women, dubbed “female Viagra” by the media.

After selling the company for $1B in 2015, she successfully fought to get the drug back and launched it on her own terms.
Cindy has made waves and made her own success, creating mission-driven companies that deliver big.

Her results have become a widely covered business success story featured in major media outlets. But, she is most proud of helping others take command.

The profoundly positive impact those companies have made in people’s lives is what keeps her coming back for more.

We had a few questions for the self-made wonder woman.  

A lot of women do not know about HSDD. Can you explain what it is?

Frustrating low libido is the most common sexual complaint for women. In fact, it affects millions of us. Yet so few women have ever been told that there’s a name for it! The medical term is HSDD, or Hypoactive (low) Sexual Desire Disorder. HSDD has a biological basis and occurs in women who can’t turn off their “everyday brain” to prioritize their own pleasure. The great news is that there are legitimate, FDA approved options to address it. My company, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, broke through with the first and only FDA approved pill, called Addyi. Did you know there’s a little pink pill for women? We deserve options too!

You are all about uplifting and empowering women. Can you tell us about The Pinkubator?

After building two companies, I took stock of what it was that I enjoyed the most about those experiences. Here was the trifecta: First, I was moved by witnessing firsthand the change that can come when women advocate for each other. Second, I knew that improving women’s lives through innovation is what fuels me to jump out of bed in the morning. Finally, it was clear to me that one woman’s ownership can create an army of women owners. Take those three things and you have The Pinkubator.

We identify game-changing product firsts and women leaders to mentor, invest in, and elevate to transformative outcomes. Nothing brings me and my team more joy than doing our part to help fix the deficit that still remains in terms of mentorship and funding for women.

What do you do to keep yourself looking and feeling great? 

I prioritize sex! There’s a reason Nars named their bestselling blush Orgasm, right?! Not long ago an A list actress/singer known for defying aging confessed to me that while people always ask her about her beauty routine, what she wants to say is have more sex. Scientifically, she’s right. The release of estrogen during sex improves collagen production, hyaluronic acid, and hair growth, then the oxytocin lowers stress and the breakdown of elastin. Plus, you sleep better and improve confidence. Wait, did I just geek out? HaHa.

What is the one beauty tip you learned from a loved one, and who is that person?

How lucky am I that my bestie, Robin, is an aesthetician? She is my go-to for all beauty tips, but this little gem surprised me. After an unfortunate late-night self-tanning incident, my panicked call to her in the morning led to the perfect cure. Whitening toothpaste to remove self-tanner! You better believe I coated myself in some Colgate and scrubbed my way back to being able to go out in public again. 

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is charisma, intelligence, confidence, and having a sense of purpose. I realize that these are all elements of inner beauty, but to me, that’s the most important beauty. 

You can find Cindy at:

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