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Hailie Sahar is an award-winning actor, producer, director, singer, and writer. Hailie made history as one of the five transgender lead actors to star in Ryan Murphy’s culturally groundbreaking FX series, Pose. Starring as Lulu, the Mother of the House of Ferocity, Hailie Sahar joined the  ensemble that went on to be globally recognized and awarded, including several Emmy Awards over the course of its successful three seasons.

Q & A With Hailie

Q. How do you/have you handled societal pressures when it comes to beauty standards?

A. As a woman Transgender experience with a birthmark on my face, I automatically represent an unconventional beauty. I have found great strength in my uniqueness and all of its complexities. I love standing out from the crowd rather than blending in with everyone else, and the fact that I can represent that type of unique beauty and inspire others feels incredible. 

Q. What is one great beauty tip you’ve learned from someone, and who is that person? 

A. One great beauty tip that I’ve learned is to relax and enjoy life without stress. I’ve had my closest circle of people tell me this, but my constant reminder is my amazing mother who holds so much wisdom. I am thankful to learn from her.

Q. What does self-care look like for you? 

A. Self-care looks like drinking tons of water. In fact, I rarely drink anything else. Also, laughing a lot is great self-care. I believe that being joyful shows up in our skin and essence. 

Q. What inspires you?

A. I’m inspired by a multitude of people and things. For example, I absolutely love talented, hardworking, innovative people who are unafraid to take risks and are unafraid to be trailblazers. I am also inspired by beautiful scenery and art, such as sculptures & Mother Nature. I love traveling and allowing my mind to absorb all the beauty that life has to offer. 

Q. How do you personally define beauty? 

A. I do not define beauty as an individual thing. There is not one type of beauty. Beauty is all around us. It shows up in the chirping of a bird in the morning. It shows up in the face of a wise, elder person. It also shows up in the moments we share with others. Those are the most important types of beauty that I focus on. Inner beauty. 

Q. What Upcoming projects can we look forward to?  

A. I’m currently releasing my new single entitled “Star Traveler.” We are currently shooting my music video, and I cannot wait for the world to see what my amazing team and I have created. In addition to my music, I am also executively producing, alongside award-winning Anthony Hemingway, the Sir Lady Java biopic. Sir Lady Java is a trans woman of color who changed Rule #9, which used to prohibit anyone from dressing in clothing that was deemed only appropriate for the opposite gender from your birth gender. In fact, you would have been thrown in jail in the 1960s for breaking this law. It is because of Sir Lady Java that we are able to see such gender fluidity today in Los Angeles. Her impact has influenced artists like myself, Lil Nas X, Madonna, RuPaul, Janelle Monet, and countless others. I am excited not only to produce her project, but to portray the living legend Sir Lady Java, who is still with us today at 80 years old.



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