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What does Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein all have in common? They have awesome Moms! These amazing women put their influencing power to great use and are making an incredible impact.   

Can you give us a brief overview of YourMomCares and your mission? 

YourMomCares (YMC) is a kids’ mental health nonprofit founded by celebrity and influencer Moms, creating and funding the most groundbreaking and innovative solutions in kids’ mental health and wellbeing.

YourMomCares is changing the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness, removing the stigma because mental health IS health.

Who are the founders and how many moms are now involved? 

YourMomCares was founded by Sharon Feldstein (mom of Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein), Patsy Noah (mom of Adam Levine) and Terria Joseph (mom of Alicia Keys) but we have a long list of Moms involved including the mothers of Zendaya, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Paul, Jimmy Kimmel, Kaitlyn Dever, Big Sean, and more. 

What are some facts about children and mental health that surprised you or you have learned since starting the organization? 

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for children ages 10-24 in the U.S., and it is the number 1 cause of death for adolescent girls globally.

People are shocked to hear this, but the truth is mental health issues are impacting everyone and the increase in anxiety, depression, and suicide amongst our youth, particularly since the start of the pandemic, is staggering and it has to be stopped. 

As mothers of children in the public eye, what drew you to want to use your platform for this cause?  

YourMomCares, our organization’s name, actually came from a PSA we did for the Obama administration and the Affordable Healthcare Act. I (Sharon) was contacted about participating and brought my long-time friend Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s mom) to the project, and doing that PSA is how we met Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys’ mom).

That first PSA ended with Michelle Obama saying, “We nag you because we love you, your mom cares.” My background is in branding, trends, and management, so I immediately recognized the power of that name and the sentiment.

I got permission from the White House to take the name and trademark it with the promise that I would use it to help kids.

Fast forward to 2018, we were vetting causes and spoke with our kids, and they said that mental health should be our focus, and really everything relates to mental health.

Some children are hungry; they’re anxious about not having a next meal. Some are physically sick, like with cancer, that can cause depression. Mental health is related to everything.

What kind of impact have you seen the organization have since its inception? 

YourMomCares has successfully created and supported some of the most groundbreaking research and programs in kids’ mental health over the past three years.

Our star achievement is a major study we fully funded at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) of a pediatrician-prescribed digital behavioral health tool, RxWell, to reduce anxiety and depression in adolescents.

The results from Phase 1 are incredible and will soon be published in a leading medical journal.

We also developed the first-ever group therapy program for youth experiencing homelessness on Skid Row in Los Angeles, California.

Our kids’ mental health resources are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people annually and we know that our work is helping to reduce the stigma around mental health and change the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness.

How can our Ask Us Beauty community get involved? 

To get involved visit:

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