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Anthea “Nurse Noel” Noel, RN BSN MS SANE

Here are Nurse Noel’s daily eight easy steps to a happier and healthier life: 








Time – It’s a New Year! 

Nutrition – Eat to live, not live to eat. It is a struggle, but I am beginning you to see food as fuel. It helped me not to overeat and really be cognizant of what I put into my body. Focus on a diet low in sugar, high fiber, low sodium and fat. Whole grains, fruit, and vegetables are also great for the vital organs. 

Exercise – Who besides me starts off the year with a bang in the gym consistently but fizzles out by March? Am I the only one? Slow and steady is the most beneficial. Go at your own pace and remember, safety first. 

Water – How much water does the body require? It is not a trick question, but there is a formula to it. Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2. That number is the amount of ounces of water your body requires daily. Ex. 160lbs /2 = 80oz. (10 glasses) 

Sunshine – Sunlight triggers your brain to release serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of happiness and joy. 

Temperance – Everything in moderation. It’s important to learn to show restraint for the things that are not serving you.

Air – Fresh air improves blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and aids in the effective digestion of food. 

Rest – Are you getting eight or more hours of sleep a night? Adequate sleep is critical for optimal health. Sleep boosts the immune system, prevents weight gain, and strengthens the heart. 

Time – Take time for you. Many times that is a difficult thing to do, but it is important that we take time for self-care. 

About Nurse Noel:

Anthea “Nurse Noel” Noel has comforted and placed smiles on the faces of her patients and their families for over 20 years as a Professional Registered Nurse.  As a writer for over 22 years in the entertainment industry in the metropolitan NYC area, she has successfully entertained through television, music, and the big screen.  She merged her two loves of health and entertainment, coining the phrase “Health Entertainment,” and Nurse Noel was born. She recently penned a book, Help Me to Help You While I Help Myself in the Process, where she continues to spread the message of health and wellness to the masses. Nurse Noel is determined to help those in need with the goal of making this world healthier and happier one person at a time.

You can find Nurse Noel at:

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