The Power of Symbols & Crystals


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The Power of Symbols & Crystals

Rozaliya Hienen Crystal Jewelry Designer to the Stars

Q. Rozaliya, you’ve studied different methods of Holistic Therapies and Crystal Healing. Can you share a bit about the power of symbols and crystals and their benefits to healthier living?

One of the most powerful instruments for transformation is crystals, which exist in many different colors, forms, and shapes. Crystals are the only existing living beings that have the same matrix structure and wisdom as us humans, yet they do not have the five senses–that makes them stable and free from all the poisons of the human mind.

Crystals have the possibility to communicate with us on a very high level and to transform our energy to the higher vibration they possess or the color that corresponds to our energy centers and emotional astral and mind body.

Crystals always know what is the best for us and can stop sharing the energy when the right vibration is already created. They have a hidden mission for us: how to evaluate to the level of dimensional beings, and the one who is ready will access this different mind level very smoothly. Crystals are like our friends who help us go to the next level of energy and understanding of the world.

Symbols, on the other hand, can really change lives and project future events. There are many kinds of symbols humans use. They all have meaning, even if given by our belief or the dimensional wisdom. The most powerful sacred geometry signs are actually a special dimensional language that connect to different levels of consciousness. Then they can give us power, energy, or even change events in our dimension so we can achieve what we want.

Q. Rozaliya Jewelry is a journey of self-discovery. Can you share more about that?

Yes! I created Rozaliya jewelry after my long period of fasting and silence. My only intention was [to find out]: What is the easiest way to help people to connect to their high potential and to their real inner nature? I wanted to help people to connect to their power and understand how the world works.

Jewelry came first as an instrument I sometimes used to help friends. Then I saw the amazing results and started to create bigger collections, and I opened the first stores for only spiritual jewelry. Through my collections and the transformational methods, I saw many lives and journeys transformed.

Sometimes if you wear a powerful crystal with the right formula, you can really change your life forever without any real effort. It just happens naturally. The vibration of sacred geometry can also change the space and environment energy, not only our body.

I work with crystal placement and consultations for homes where you can create a different dimension of energy just by hiding specific crystals as sacred mandalas. You can heal relationships or your body or increase success depending on what you really want or, more specifically, what you need.

We all know that deep inside us, we are already the best version of ourselves, and these methods and instruments just help us to rediscover the wisdom we already have.

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