The War on Weight


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The War on Weight

AUB Advisor Keatha Landauer

The health and wellness space has been around for as long as we can remember. From the Jane Fonda workouts and neon legwarmers to Zumba and step aerobics (and, hey, remember the thigh master?), fitness trends have come and gone over the years.

Fast forward to 2023. After a global pandemic brought the world to a halt, we now view health and wellness through a much broader lens. It’s not just about fitness and nutrition anymore; now, we pay close attention to our mental and spiritual health as well. That’s why I am on a mission to help women win their war on weight. I want to share the victory I have found after losing more than fifty pounds and taking back my own health. Every woman deserves to love herself and her body and live happily and healthily.

Get to know Keatha Landauer and The War on Weight

Tell us a little about yourself.

First and foremost, I’m a daughter of the King [Jesus]. Secondly, I’m a wife to Jim, and we have four amazing adult kids, two grand kiddos, and more on the way. I love to travel A LOT, and when I’m not traveling and seeing family and friends, I’m enjoying every bit of my life on my little farm in central Nebraska, caring for my dogs, cats, chickens, and garden.

What was the turning point that made you take your fitness journey seriously?

I had a health crisis, and I knew if I didn’t change, I would not be able to live the life I wanted to. I had no idea how my entire life would change as a result.

Why did you start your business?

It almost just fell into place. I was losing weight, and people started asking what I was doing. Then, as my health crisis extended to surgery after surgery, I found myself without a job and jumped into coaching to generate income. I was simply showing others how to do exactly what I had done. Now, over a year later, I love helping others. I am blown away by what that one decision has brought into my life.

What are your best tips for someone looking to start their weight loss journey?

Accountability, support, and community. We were not designed to live alone, much less do the hard things alone. Find a solid support system that will support your health journey and not hinder it. Sometimes having a coach or accountability partner you don’t personally know can really keep you on track.

What do you enjoy most about coaching and helping people lose weight?

By far, it’s watching the hope be restored in women that have given up all hope of ever losing weight, watching their confidence return with every day of good decisions, and the smiles come naturally as they feel good about themselves. It’s not really about the weight loss but rather the effects of weight loss.

war on weight
Coach Keatha

Learn more about Keatha by visiting

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