Theresa, Timeless Beauty


In 1928, Theresa D’abbracci was born in upstate New York.

Sadly, when she was just three years old, her mother passed away.  Theresa had been told by all who knew her mother that her mom was a beautiful woman, both inside and out. This is where she believes she inherited her all things beauty attitude. 

When asked about how the standard of beauty has changed, Theresa said it’s been drastic. “I’ve watched the definition and expectations of mainstream beauty completely change over the years—from make-up and clothes to a woman’s size and shape.”

Theresa has loved the aging process because you can do what you want, say what you want, and eat what you want. The days of worrying are long gone, and her advice to women of a younger generation is just to be yourself. “The old saying is true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” says Theresa with a smile and grin of certainty. 

One beauty tip that Theresa has used her entire life is Vaseline, and her advice is to moisturize as much as possible.

Theresa said her favorite beauty products are from Mary Kay. She never leaves the house to this day without her lipstick and a quick peek in the mirror to check her hair. Theresa said she gets up every morning with a positive attitude and says to herself, “Now what?” She said aches and pains these days are to be expected. “If I’m not feeling them, I think I’m dead!”

Theresa recommended eating a piece of chocolate every single day, preferably with a bit of hot pepper. When we asked Theresa for a motto she lives by, she said, “Age is only a number. Never stop dancing, and always enjoy your life to the fullest.”

And that’s just what this timeless beauty is doing!

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