Unstoppable Beauty with MC Lyte


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Unstoppable Beauty with MC Lyte

To the L, to the Y, and the T to the E

Lyricist, pioneer, icon, veteran, and entrepreneur describe one of the most prolific and well-respected female hip hop artists of our time: Lana “MC Lyte” Moorer.

First introduced to the public for her music that was spun at every cool house party back in the day, MC Lyte started writing rhymes at the age of 12, recorded her first track at 14, and gained worldwide fame, becoming the first solo female rapper to release a full album, Lyte as a Rock, at just 17. Her music was real, raw, and poetic. 

Nominated for numerous awards and accolades, she was the first female solo rapper to be nominated for a Grammy, the first solo female rapper to be inducted into VH-1’s Hip Hop Honors, and – check this out- was the first rap artist to perform at the extraordinary Carnegie Hall.

“It felt magical to be the first to perform at the historic venue. Back then, I am not sure I even understood the weight and significance. I look back now and think what a huge accomplishment.” 

Coming up in the music industry where sexism and misogyny were and sadly still are at the forefront, MC Lyte was an example for so many of us who grew up listening to and watching her. To me, she was tough and vulnerable, presenting her style as alluring without being overt. “Growing up in Brooklyn, I dressed like many young girls on the block, big and baggy. I wore color in my hair, big earrings with a big attitude. I felt comfortable then, just as I do now. Today, I love finding fashion that allows me to stand in power and be comfortable. None of it has been intentional except for the need to be comfortable.” 

(Que in “Funky fresh, dressed to impress, ready to party.)

The unstoppable powerhouse shares that her strength and confidence can be attributed to her mom.

“My mama treated me like I was somebody. Early in my career, I just acted like I was tough, and now through the years, I’ve actually become tough. Also, knowing your craft and having something solid to offer and contribute has given me confidence.” 

With an incredible career spanning over three decades, this multi-dimensional icon expanded into all areas of entertainment outside of music. Since 1991, she has countless television and film credits to her name and has lent her recognizable voice to brands such as Nissan, McDonald’s, AT&T, and more. MC Lyte uses her experience and wisdom as a professional speaker to deliver inspirational and empowering messages to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. She’s also an author, penning the book Unstoppable, all about igniting the power within to achieve your greatest potential.

Her latest project, “Partners in Rhyme,” is a sitcom she co-created with Bentley Kyle Evans.

“It is my dream project. We’re entering into our second season, and it’s important to me that we put everything we’ve got into it. Also, at Sunni Gyrl, Inc, we have multiple tv shows and films on development, and I’m looking forward to the world checking them all out.” 

In addition to all of her professional projects, MC Lyte runs her foundation, Hip Hop Sisters Foundation.

“We send kids to school to further their education. We’ve given away over a million dollars in scholarships, and we’ve been able to change lives. Together with co-founders Dr. Lynn Richardson and Dr. Felicia Shaw, we have made history!”

We can’t go without recognizing that MC Lyte has managed to hit that pause on aging, looking like the clock hasn’t moved. Part of that reason can be told in her self-care story. “Lots of water is a must. Vegetables and fruit are essential to any diet. It turns out I’m now allergic to alcohol, so it makes it super easy to not indulge in matters that will leave me dehydrated. I steam my face most mornings and get facials regularly. I try to stay away from sweets as much as possible; chocolate is my weakness. Walking serves me well, and a good sauna keeps me wanting more.” 

MC Lyte is the true definition of beauty inside and out. She gets it. She’s unstoppable, and she’s always one to watch. Because chances are, she will be the first to do it.  

Best Beauty Tip From Mom: My mom shared never pluck your eyebrows; she was right. They never come back the same. 

Recommended Book: The Course in Miracles. It definitely feeds my spirit. 

You can find MC Lyte at: 

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