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My name is Navy Chief Counselor Isabel Guerrero, and I have been on Active Duty for over 16 years, serving in the World’s Greatest Navy.

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I am Latina Mexican American. During my high school senior year, I joined the Navy, shipped out 6 months post-graduation at 19, and headed to Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL, to become a Sonar Technician. I was assigned to four different ships in Japan to perform my duties.

Currently, I am assigned to N3R Prior Service Site SE as the Navy Reserve Prior Service Regional Supervisor. My job is to assist Veterans to re-enlist in the Navy Reserves and help Active-Duty Service-members transition to the Reserves without a break in Service.

I am a Career Counselor (CRF), which means that I am a Career Recruiter. I decided to do recruiting because I wanted to help people and felt that I had a niche for public speaking, building connections, and creating meaningful and lasting relationships. I have been serving in this job for the past 12 years and truly love it. 

I am married to my wonderful husband, who is also serving on Active Duty. We have two beautiful daughters and three wonderful dogs.

I enjoy:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Crafting
  • Hanging out with my family in my off time

I am a foodie, and I love coffee! I stay busy and thoroughly love being outdoors. 

I recently completed my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and am almost complete with my bachelor’s in business management with a concentration in leadership. Another amazing benefit to serving is sending our oldest daughter to college using our Post 911 Montgomery G.I Bill.

We put a lot of emphasis on education, setting goals, and achieving them. I feel we have been able to instill that mentality in our girls. 

My definition of beauty is the love you have for yourself and the energy you put into the world. Beauty can be measured in many ways. But I feel it is your whole being and how you carry yourself. If you asked me this in my early 20s, you would have gotten a whole different answer.

I felt beauty was external and required validation from anyone and everyone. I wanted to always be the life of the party or the girl who looked the best and turned heads. It was all about the clothes, the makeup, the “skinny” yet toned body. Back then, I didn’t realize that I needed much more growing in the self-help area because I was internally struggling with self-esteem, body dysmorphia, depression, and anxiety. 

Changes took place when I met my now current husband and my two girls. I saw that life had more meaning, and that love was the most crucial part of any relationship, but especially the one I have with myself. I feel most beautiful when I am around people I love sharing in moments of joy and gratitude. I began flourishing, and then I started to thrive.

They taught me that. 

But if you are to ask me what externally makes you feel beautiful… well, I do have an answer for that! I feel beautiful in a flowy dress with my naturally wavy hair and makeup. I love a mauve lip and cannot live without my mascara. Most of my wardrobe is extraordinarily colorful and bold.

Even my workout gear is loud. I have many tattoos that I have acquired since I have been in the Service. Collages of birds, butterflies, and flowers lace my chest, rib cage, and arm. I feel that they represent the beauty of the earth, and it symbolizes harmony, peace, and tranquility for me. 

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