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Kellie we salute you

Raised as a “Navy Brat” Kellie Hall is originally from Stafford Virginia. After being recruited to run Track and Cross Country, she attended and received her commission through the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD in 2014.

Immediately upon graduation, Kellie was commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer and reported to the USS PINCKNEY during her Western pacific deployment. Kellie (LT Hall) served onboard for two years as the First Lieutenant.

In 2016 she moved into Human Resources which followed by years in Recruitment.

Kellie has earned military awards that include three Navy and Marine Corps Commendations Medals, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals, the Navy District Ohio’s FY 18 “Inspirational Officer of the Year” Award FY19 “Medical Recruiter of the year” Award and 16 Gold Wreaths for Recruiting Excellence. 

More than a Naval officer, Lieutenant Hall is also a professional model, business owner and motivational speaker travelling nationwide to speak with girls and women about obstacles facing women in the military and maximizing their full potential within. Kellie shared that when she was a young girl, she dreamed of being “beautiful”.

I was so skinny, wore braces for 5 years, the boys in my class always asked me to pass notes to other girls for them instead of passing notes to me. I used to pray one day I’d be the “pretty girl” and I’d grow up to become beautiful. During that time, my mom would always remind me that I already WAS beautiful. I didn’t believe her. She celebrated my creativity, my mind, she said my drive, whit, and tenacity were all beautiful. She encouraged me to become whatever I wanted to me, to be bold and stand out. So that’s exactly what I did. When I was younger, I didn’t have the confidence in my exterior— but I grew confidence in my interior. That’s truly what is beautiful. I learned to love my greatest attributes, I learned to love the beauty in my differences. 

As an adult, my exterior changed: the braces came off, I grew into my skin, I learned how to do my makeup, competed in pageants, and became a professional model. All while serving in the military. All of those qualities I learned as a young girl, all the time I spent on myself internally, has made me a more confident, beautiful leader. I grew to believe in myself, I celebrated the qualities God gave me instead of focusing on my exterior features. 

That’s what beauty is to me. 

You can find Kellie at:

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