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misha let love grow

Written by: Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS

I adore the energy that accompanies new beginnings, for it provides the space to create something new. Although we are in a new year, month, and season; the beauty is when it comes to love, you can create something new at any moment. 

I view relationships similar to a garden. Have you experienced a lush garden before? Let’s close our eyes and imagine a beautiful outdoor space with vibrant, diverse flowers and greenery. Moving water whether it is a gorgeous fountain or a running stream. Comfortable, soft seating options where you and your loved ones can lounge and relax. Perhaps there are cabanas with crisp white linens gently blowing in the cool breeze. Subtle aromatherapy tickles your nose while the sun shines bright yet the trees provide ample shade. The birds are chirping or maybe the lush garden in your mind is near the sea, which provides a beautiful soundtrack as the waves ebb and flow. 

Feel that? The calm and relaxation felt at the thought of such a place? Now imagine if your relationships could feel this way. They can, when you become intentional and present in our relationships. 

5 Steps to Grow Love:

  1. Self Awareness: Are there beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you or no longer aligned with the vision you have for your life and relationships? Therapy is a way to discover more about you by identifying your growing areas (healing) and areas where you are blooming. The more you know about self, the more you can fully and authentically show up in your relationships.
  2. Boundaries: When we do not have boundaries, we tend to take on more than we can manage and as a result resentment seeps into our relationships. Establishing boundaries are a wonderful way to honor self, others, and the relationship.
  3. Active Listening: Be fully present when in the company of another. Put away the gadgets and fully immerse yourself in the moment. Listen, without interrupting, judgment or trying to fix something. 
  4. Practice gratitude daily: We tend to give thanks for the ‘big ticket items’ but when you begin to practice gratitude for the things that many take for granted, such as your breath, heartbeat, the gift of a new day, etc. it shifts your perspective significantly. This shift opens the door to more love. 
  5. Vulnerability: Trust is required for vulnerability and healthy relationships are emotionally safe places where people can be vulnerable.

Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS is the founder and Certified Relationship Therapist for Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants, a boutique firm in Houston, Texas, specializing in cultivating and nurturing healthy relationships.

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